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How Exercise Effects Your Brain

December 9, 2011

To learn more about how exercise affects the brain, scientists in Ireland recently asked a group of sedentary male college students to take part in a memory test followed by strenuous exercise. First, the men watched a rapid-fire lineup of photos with the faces and names of strangers. After a break, they tried to recall


"I enjoy fishing. I enjoy walking. Those are very good, but they don't give you a complete workout. This gives you a complete workout."

Dean Danielson

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Getting Started

Before using your Resistance Chair, we recommend you view our fully-illustrated, step-by-step Stretching & Warm-Up Guide, available in a printable PDF format. Download and Print Stretching & Warm-Up Guide PDF.

Next, here's an illustrated, step-by-step, printable chart for Strength Exercises. Download & Print Strength Exercises Chart. The full-size wall chart is included free of charge within every Resistance Chair box.

Once you have become familiar with the individual exercises, go to the Creating Your Exercise Routines page to find out how to put these exercises together into a comprehensive workout routine that's tailored just for you.